Brand: CML Microcircuits
Product Code: CMX909B
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The CMX909B is a half-duplex Gaussian Minimum Shift Keyed (GMSK) BT = 0.3 modem data pump with on-chip packet data handling.

GMSK modulation optimises the data throughput for a given bandwidth RF channel and the on-chip packet data handling relieves the host µC of regular processing tasks, such as maintaining Bit and Frame Synchronisation.


  • GMSK Modulation
  • Rx and Tx Modes up to 38.4kb/s
  • Full Data Packet Framing
  • Full 'Mobitex' Compatibility including R14N Short-Block Frames
  • Data Carrier Detect
  • Checksum Generation and Checking
  • Two-Level Xtal Drive Circuit
  • Flexible Operating Modes
  • Host Processor Interface
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