ME-d400 Mobitex Modem

ME-d400 Mobitex Modem
Brand: Mobile Expertise
Product Code: ME-d400
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The me-d400 is a high power RF transceiver designed for use in Mobitex network applications.




  • Proven reliability in vehicle and static applications
  • Automatic TX power to 10Watts
  • MISSION critical Data only application
  • Fully CE and VCA vehicle certified
  • Use in public transport and traffic signal management systems and ATM’s etc
  • I/O’s for switching and monitoring and remote control
  • Public & Private networks
  • Extensively used in the Emergency Service secto


me-d200 is sold throughout the world and has a proven track record for reliability and low cost maintenance. The me-d200 is highly cost effective and has our in-house engineering technical support team to hand to ensure your implementation is a success. Use as primary or back up signal barer.






Frequency range: 405 to 465 MHz Transmit and Receive

Channel spacing: 12.5kHz

RF Output 10W max +/-2dB

Modulation Modified GMSK

Interfaces: DC, RS232 by 9 pin D-type, Data input/output by 25 way D-type
  RF by TNC female


Power supply: 12VDC nominal, 10.8VDC minimum, 15.6VDC maximum

Current consumption: TX 2.6A at 10W output, 1.8A at 5W, 0.9A at 1W
RX 180mA RS232 9 pin D-Type (230mA using 25way D-Type)
Values based on 12V


Carrier power: 0.1 - 10W software controlled


Sensitivity (1 in 100 bit error rate): <-113dBm (nominal) , <-110dBm (extreme)

Channel switching time: <30mS

RSSI / Signal strength indication: -113dBm to -63dBm


Operating temperature: -30 deg C to +60 deg C

Enclosure: IP54 rated


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