ME-d200 RF Voice & Data Modem

ME-d200 RF Voice & Data Modem
Brand: Mobile Expertise
Product Code: ME-d200 RF
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The me-d200 is a highly flexible RF transceiver. Designed for use in applications requiring long distance communication often in environmentally harsh or remote terrain.


  • Reliable long distance transmit and receive capabilities
  • Adjustable TX power upto 5Watts with Hi and Lo settings
  • Low cost point to point and multipoint communication
  • Flexible modulation options including External mod
  • Voice capability for speaker announcement and remote entry gate systems
  • Fully CE and VCA vehicle certified
  • Ideal for public transport and traffic signal management systems
  • Licence free option
  • M2M telemetry
  • Alarm panel signalling and remote switching for irrigation systems
  • Fully supported by our accessories for instant demonstations and product trials


me-d200 is sold throughout the world and has a proven track record for reliability and low cost maintenance. The me-d200 is highly cost effective and has our in-house engineering technical support team to hand to ensure your implementation is a success. Use as primary or back up signal barer.





Frequency range: me-d200 VHF: 146 - 174 MHz
  me-d200 UHF: 400 - 440 MHz
  me-d200 UHF: 440 - 480 MHz
  Full switching bandwidth

Number of channels: 1 of 16, Dip switch selectable (or via external serial command)

Channel spacing: 12.5kHz, 20kHz or 25kHz all programmable

Operation: Half Duplex

Interfaces: 15 pin d-type (female)


Power supply: 12V dc nominal
  +7V to +24V dc acceptable

Current consumption: 1.5A @ 5W, 0.5A @ 1W
  7mA Enhanced Sleep mode


RF output power: 1W - 5W programmable (high/low)

Data modem: 100 - 120 mV rms (external modulation)
  RS232 levels (with GMSK or FFSK modem fitted)

Modulation: Direct FM (FSK) FFSK / GMSK (option) PM (voice)
  F3E (F1D) F2D /& F1D G3E


Receiver sensitivity (voice): 12dB SINAD
  UHF: Better than 0.35Hv or -116dBm
  VHF: Better than 0.28Hv or -118dBm

Receiver sensitivity (GMSK): -113dBm <1% BER (9600 at 25kHz channel spacing)
Receiver sensitivity (FFSK): -113dBm <1% BER (2400 at 25kHz channel spacing)

Audio output (speaker): 1V rms @ 8 ohms

Data output: 200 - 300mV rms

GMSK/FFSK Modem output: RS232 levels


Operating temperature: -30 deg C to +60 deg C

Enclosure: IP54 rated


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