Brand: CML Microcircuits
Product Code: CMX990
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The CMX990 provides, on-chip: a flexible, formattable GMSK packet and freeformat modem, a dual synthesiser fed from an external source, IF and RF transceiver stages for both Rx and Tx modes, and auxiliary ADCs and DACs for system control and monitoring.


  • Custom-Packet and Freeformat Model
  • Baseband and Integrated RF
  • 4 to 16 kbps GMSK Modulation at BT
  • of 0.3 or 0.5
  • Full-Feature Airlink Frame Formatting (plus FEC, CRC, Interleaving and Scrambling)
  • Integrated RF, IF and Synthesiser Sections (400MHz to 1GHz Range)
  • Dual Integer-N Synthesisers
  • On-Chip ADCs and DACs
  • Simple Parallel Interface
  • Versatile System Clocks
  • Suitable for EN 300 113 and FCC CFR 47 Part 90
  • Low-Power Operation with Powersaving
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