APS-7000 Series

APS-7000 Series
APS-7000 Series APS-7000 Series
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Product Code: APS-7000 Series
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APS-7000 is a series of programmable linear AC power supply, with the height of 2U and output frequency range is 45~500Hz, , the maximum rated output for APS-7050 is 500VA, 310Vrms, 4.2Arms and APS-7100 is 1000VA, 310Vrms, 8.4Arms. The optional collocation can be extended to the maximum output voltage of 600Vrms and maximum output frequency of 999.9Hz. The APS-7000 series comprises nine measurement and test functions (Vrms, Irms, F, Ipk, W, VA, PF, Ipk hold, CF), and provides user interface similar to that of AC Power Meter. The APS-7000 series, via switching many sets of current levels to increase small current measurement resolution, is ideal for the LED industry and standby mode power consumption test. To meet the test criteria of line voltage fluctuation often seen in consumer electronics, APS-7000 series not only supply a stable source of AC, they also features five methods to cope with special purpose or abnormal voltage, frequency, and phase; ten sets of the Simulate mode simulate power outage, voltage increase, and voltage drop; ten sets of the Sequence mode allow users to define parameters and produce sine wave by editing steps; ten sets of the Program mode can edit AC waveform output and define the ceiling and floor level of measurement items for different DUT; Ramp Control allows users to set the variation speed for output voltage rise and fall; Surge/Dip Control simulates DUT’s input power producing a Surge or Dip voltage overlapping with output voltage waveform at a specific time.
The series is ideal for user to produce high complicated waveform and transient waveform to verify electronic product operation under adverse condition.



* 500/350/250/150MHz with 2/4 Channels
* 4.3 inch TFT-LCD Display, Only 88mm(2U) case height
* Output Capacity: APS-7050(500VA), APS-7100 (1000VA)
* Arbitrary Waveform Function
* Surge/ Dip control for output artificial surges or dips in voltage to a DUT
* Measurement function comprises Voltage, Current, Power, Apparent Power, Current(peak), IPKH, Frequency, Power Factor, Crest Factor
* 10 sets of the Sequence mode, Simulate mode, and Programming mode
* Support Sequence, Simulate, and Program to automatically execute output after the equipment power is on
* Support SCPI Emulation, LabVIEW Driver
* Standard interface: USB Host, LAN
* Support remoter control: Sync Output, Program mode signal output, Trigger In/Out, Output on/off
* Option interface: GPIB (APS-001);RS232/USB CDC (APS-002)




Model APS-7050 APS-7100
Maximum Output Capacity
Power Rating 500VA 1kVA
Output Voltage Setting
Range 0~155Vrms, 0~310Vrms, 0~600Vrms (APS-003), Auto
Output Maximum Current
Range 4.2A/2.1A/1.05A (APS-003) 8.4A/4.2A/2.1A (APS-003)
Output Maximum Peak Current
Range 16.8A/8.4A/4.2A (APS-003) 33.6A/16.8A/8.4A (APS-003)
Output Frequency Setting
Range 45.0~500Hz 45~999.9Hz(APS-004) 45.0~500Hz 45~999.9Hz(APS-004)
Resolution 0.01Hz(45.0~99.99Hz)
Setting Accuracy ±(0.02% of setting)
Total harmonic distortion ≦0.5% at 45~500Hz (Resistive load)
Voltage Regulation
Line Regulation 0.1% of full scale
Load Regulation 0.5% of full scale
Range 45~ 500Hz
Resolution 0.01Hz (45.0~99.99Hz)
0.1Hz (100.0~500.0Hz)
Accuracy ±0.1Hz
With APS-004 Option
Range 45~ 999.9Hz
Resolution 0.01Hz (45.0~99.99Hz)
0.1Hz (100.0~999.9Hz)
Accuracy ±0.02% of setting
Voltage (r.m.s)
Range 0.2~38.75 Vrms
38.76~77.5 Vrms
77.51~155.0 Vrms
155.1~310.0 Vrms
Resolution 0.01V at 0.00~99.99 Vrms
0.1V at 100.0~310.0 Vrms
Accuracy ±(0.5% of reading+ 2counts)
With APS-003 Option
Range 0.2~600 Vrms
Resolution 0.01V at 0.00~99.99 Vrms
0.1V at 100.0~600.0 Vrms
Accuracy ±(0.5% of reading+ 2counts)
Current (r.m.s)
Range 2.00~70.00mA
Resolution 0.01mA
Accuracy ±(0.6% of reading+5 counts), 2.00~350.0mA
±(0.5% of reading+5 counts), 0.350~3.5A
±(0.5% of reading+3 counts), 3.500~17.5A
Power (W)
Resolution 0.01W
Accuracy ±(0.6% of reading+5 counts), 0.2~99.99W
±(0.6% of reading+5 counts), 100.0~999.9W
±(0.6% of reading+2 counts), 1000~9999W
Power Factor
Resolution 0.001
Accuracy ±(2% reading+ 2 counts)
Crest Factor
Range 0.00~50.00
Resolution 0.01
Remote Output Signal Pass, Fail, Test-in Process, Trigger in, Trigger out ,Out ON/OFF
Sync Signal Socket Output Signal 10V, BNC type
Interface USB Host, LAN
Option:GPIB (APS-001);RS232/USB CDC (APS-002)
Output Mode
Memory 10 (0~9 numeric keys)
AC Input 115/230 Vac±15%
Phase Single Phase, Two wire (1P2W)
Protection OCP, OPP, OHP and Alarm
Dimension (W*H*D) & Weight  430x88x400, 24Kg 430x88x560, 38Kg


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