CMX655D Ultra-low Power Voice Codec

Oct 18, 2018 - CML introduces a new generation of ultra-low power voice codecs for high quality ‘always on’ voice applications

CML Microcircuits introduces the next generation in voice codecs, aimed at existing telephony and emerging high quality speech applications in smart devices. The CMX655D marks a significant evolution in voice codecs, which brings greater integration at ultra-low power to enable advanced features in a wide range of applications.

The CMX655D integrates two matched channels with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) along with a 1 Watt 90% efficient filterless Class D amplifier and support for digital MEMS microphones. These are functions that would have previously only been possible by adding additional components. In addition, the CMX655D design makes full use of advanced manufacturing processes, resulting in a device that requires very low power in all operating modes and is able to operate from a 1.8V to 3.6V supply as opposed to requiring 5V to achieve a 1 Watt output power. These features make it ideal for battery-powered devices.


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