MDO-2000E Series

Aug 04, 2017 - GW Instek launches new MDO-2000E Series, Mixed Domain Oscilloscope.

Conventional mid-class oscilloscopes cannot meet customers’ basic requirements of frequency domain signal measurements due to the fact that the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) function is the only capability offered by oscilloscopes to process frequency domain measurements. Hence, the displayed spectrum is the most basic implementation by FFT algorithm that can only provide very limited measurement information. With respect to the FFT function, the first impression from most engineers was not the spectrum measurement function provided by FFT, instead, they found FFT very difficult to operate. The operational logic of FFT function is restricted by the sample rate setting of source channels and FFT calculation points. Users often encounter boundary condition while operating FFT and experience a hindered operation. Furthermore, most engineers are not aware of the correlation between the sample rate of time domain signal and the frequency of DUT’s signal while operating FFT. A correct spectrum cannot be observed if the horizontal scale can’t be appropriately set. To deal with this issue, users must repeatedly switch between the time division from time domain and the FFT from frequency domain and they must change setting conditions in order to find the most ideal setting conditions. Additionally, the insufficient calculation efficiency of CPU platform will also restrain mid-class oscilloscopes’ capabilities in providing spectrum measurements. The MDO-2000E series is tailored to provide users with a better spectrum measurement experience. 

Without a doubt, the optimal measurement equipment for frequency domain signal is spectrum analyzer. However, its high precision and high unit price often result in an expensive maintenance cost if not properly operated. Not many labs from the educational institutions provide each student with one spectrum analyzer. As a result, students from professional schools as well as colleges or universities lack hand-on experience on using spectrum analyzer. Same problem also occurs on R&D engineers from medium and small enterprises. The spectrum analyzer of MDO-2000E has redefined the indispensable function of oscilloscopes and allows each student to have one spectrum analyzer.


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