About us

SV Tehs SIA main activities:
  • sale and supplly of electronic component in the Eastern European market;
  • development of schemes, boards, software for electronic devices based on modern microcontrollers, microprocessors;
  • manufacture and assembly of printed circuits boards for electronic products;
  • advisory services, technical support.


Main component supply lines include:

  • ICs and modules for radio GPS/Glonas, GPS, ISM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth;
  • RF circuits and components;
  • microprocessors, microcontrollers;
  • specailized MEMs sensors;
  • memory IC;
  • chip peripherals;
  • optical components;
  • antennas, microware components;
  • passive components;
  • switching system;
  • batteries.


SV Tehs SIA has excellent knowledge of the Eastern European electronic components market, strong partnership relations with large OEM. 

SV Tehs SIA successfully use distributed database and network technologies. Understanding exSU market peculiarities secure the best finance, transport, logictic and custom problem solutions.


SV Tehs SIA has experienced software and hardware engineering staff, able to support most complex customer requirements in  embedded applications.


Recent projects include:

  • full-duplex wireless distributed system central alarm;
  • specialized security system based on GPS/GSM alarm system;
  • low-power autonomous control and monitoring system using radio sysytems;
  • distributed temperature mesurement system on the ARM microprocessors;
  • handler streaming video.


SV Tehs SIA is privately-held company founded in February, 1997, registered in Latvia and owned by its founders.


SV Tehs SIA ready for cooperation and can discuss all possibilities to achieve the best results on Eastern European market 


SV Tehs SIA ready for meetings and discussions for possible agreements, technical, financial and promotional issues.


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